it’s a full moon. that’s my excuse.

I have just experienced the ineluctable joy of a fluffernutter sandwich.

How have I missed this delight for almost 50 years? It is heavenly.

My husband is 1 part disgusted, and 3 parts astounded that there is marshmallow fluff in the house, but that is neither here nor there because…

I am in midnight snack heaven. And it’s only 9:45 PM.



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7 thoughts on “it’s a full moon. that’s my excuse.

  1. I love how there are only 2 camps for this monstrosity—love it or disgusted. I’m with Steve, but I’ll eschew my distaste for marshmallows for a *good* smore where everything melts properly.

    • She’s been talking about it for days and I happened to have marshmallow fluff in the pantry, though I admit I don’t know how it got there or how long it’s been there. Perhaps not something I should admit to in public, but there you have it.


      That is all.

  2. esteban says:

    BLECH! I’m sure this is a Yankee invention intended for some sort of subjugation. (Of course you don’t know that I make s’mores with only graham crackers and chocolate because marshmallow in all it’s forms is icky.)

    • you are wrong in many ways, but most of all because you won’t drink sweet tea and now you make abomination s’mores.

      PS I forgive you because you answered ineluctable with subjugation.

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