Ack! My back!

I am lumbering around the house looking like a wounded Varactyl.

You must be wondering what that is. Here ya go:

I know, a little overly dramatic. My other choice would be to cover my lower back in Ben Gay. I tried that yesterday. It was not a good choice for a number of reasons I will not go into publicly. Thus, I am back to lumbering around and whining loudly.

And begging for your prayers.


2 thoughts on “Ack! My back!

  1. I used something like a cross between a heating pad and a band-aid once in a similar situation. Lousy timing for this though with end of quarter and break. Payers flowing towards you!

  2. Michael Kuypers says:

    You have my prayers and my sympathy, Maria. And when Denyse wakes up I’m sure you’ll have hers too. God bless you.

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