“The harmless squirrel and the friendly rabbit….”

There’s a new enemy on the horizon.

Last year, it was The Mockingbird, mocking me at every turn as he made his way to my blueberries.

This year, it’s the squirrels. Apparently they haven’t had enough of two bird-feeders in the backyard. Or the blueberries. Or the strawberries. No. Evidently not.

This morning as I was making coffee, I happened to catch a glimpse of one squirrel brazenly circling the raspberry bush that’s fully loaded with raspberries just starting to ripen.

That little bugger sat on the wall studying the berries, but I could see his intent. I wasn’t going to have any of that, so I ran outside and shooed him away. I picked the ripe ones and turned around, victorious, to stick my tongue out at him.

It was only a small victory. He knows I’m gone for the rest of the day.

Next week, though…squirrel stew.

this week in bird-watching

In the world of the super unusual, we have three gigantic Cooper’s hawks that have settled into the backyard and called it their new stomping ground.

John thinks they’ve nested just over the fence in the dense woods, and we just can’t see where. They sit along our back fence, looking for rabbits, I suppose.

The other day, one of the hawks caught a rabbit just as I let Otis outside.

It was like a Keystone Cops comedy — the hawk swooped; the rabbit shrieked; Otis pounced; the rabbit escaped. And the hawk was pissed off all day.

It made me think of this:



who’s your daddy, Otis?


This is Otis. He’s a funny dog — likes to have his picture taken. Seriously.

He poses.

Anyway, we’ve always thought he was a mutt with a lot of lab mixed in there, but he has such a charming demeanor and personality that we decided to have that DNA test done to discover what kinds of breeds contribute to his sweet gentle nature.

The results are back, and here’s the scoop:

Lab mix with American Stafford Terrier mix
also in his parentage: Kerry Blue, Border Terrier, Dogue de Bordeaux, Pharaoh and American Eskimo Dog
I think he’s just a Ham.