praying the rosary one checkmark at a time

There was a time when I used to come home in the morning after dropping the kids off at school, make half a pot of coffee, and leisurely pray a rosary before I went about my daily chores and activities.

I was fairly new at this discipline of praying daily, and I needed time, and I definitely needed plenty of cheat sheets. I ended up with a lovely little book that had the scriptural rosary. That helped me a lot because I was able to follow along with the story. It was just what I needed to help me remember the mysteries, and I was hooked on the prayer.

As it happens, other things changed. I lost the little booklet, but not the habit of praying. I was already in love with the prayer…and falling deeper in love with the story. Slowly, and steadily, my faith was blossoming … one bead at a time.

Years later, I see Mary’s gentle hand in this journey as she has led me to her Son. That little book with the scriptural rosary came back to me, a sweet little gift that keeps giving as I revisit the pages I almost knew by heart.

But times have changed. I’ve gone back to a demanding career, and I don’t have the luxury of running a pot of coffee in the middle of my morning. Heck, I don’t have time to run to the vending machine to buy a terrible impersonation of coffee.

I do, however, attempt to finish a rosary. That challenge has proven to be more difficult than I imagined, mostly because I’m constantly interrupted and I’d forget where I was. And then I came upon this plan…if I couldn’t get 20 minutes of uninterrupted time, perhaps I could make the time for a reverent Hail Mary.

One Hail Mary prayed right is certainly worth more than a distracted and mumbled rosary, so I developed a plan. All I needed was a tally system to help me keep track of my progress through the rosary…so I designed this cheat sheet — just a series of bubbles and boxes I could check as I moved through the prayer. One glance told me where I had left off before racing to class or a meeting.

I was sure I’d never be able to get through a whole rosary this way. The thing is, on those days when I can’t escape for a quiet lunch with prayer, I not only find myself praying all day, one Hail Mary at a time, but I find that I have just enough moments throughout the day to finish.

How about that?

Click on this link for a printable bookmark Rosary that you can check off as you pray.

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9 thoughts on “praying the rosary one checkmark at a time

  1. Reblogged this on another cup of coffee and commented:

    A few weeks ago Angela Sealana from InspiredAngela asked me about making a downloadable pdf of a checklist, so here you go! Share it if you like. I reblogged my original post from 2012, and added the file at the end. Enjoy! And pray as you go!

  2. Homeschooling mothers everywhere, or just mothers at home with Little Ones, want that! Where’s the printable version? I’ve always wanted a way to keep track of those prayers while I’m on the go, praying as I straighten the house or do dishes.

  3. Nice!! Myself, following something you once mentioned, I pray the rosary when coming back from dropping off the kids at school, and sometimes on the way back to pick them up. I’ve been at it for months now, and I find I need it and enjoy it.

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