Are you kidding?

note my useless laptop under the candle
note my useless laptop under the candle

We lost power. Again. It’s been a strange weekend. It turns out a creepy little storm cropped up in the afternoon and scared the peepers  out of us. It was sudden and dramatic, as the best storms are. John and I sat outside to watch the rain when lightning hit what seemed like next door. As we stood up to go inside, lightning hit the transformer in our yard. Talk about scaring the poop out of us! No sooner had we recovered when it hit the tansformer again, totally knocking out our power.

The good boys from the power company finally made it out here to replace the transformer. Life is infinitely better when there’s A/C.

2 thoughts on “Are you kidding?

  1. Crazy! Glad you guys got into the house safely. Losing lights can have a romantic feel about it, different, but losing air is not.

    I wondered the extent of the violent weather. We were at the movies, which also lost power. So I contented myself with my popcorn and watching the human drama unfold around us. Highly entertaining.

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