Update! Wow, this is long

The Flight

The flight to Orlando was pretty uneventful – – pleasant even, if you think squishing into coach for an hour or so could be pleasant. Nevertheless, it was, and here I am.

There was a woman on the flight that was screaming “educator” and while I’m going to be pretty careful about how I phrase this, the truth is, I look like an educator, too. I won’t go into too many details, but it involves sensible shoes and a certain alert-while-simultaneously-distracted look. I confirmed my brilliant analysis in the shuttle to the terminal when I saw that she was carrying a conference registration packet. In a totally out of character move (if given a choice, I’d rather not engage anyone in small talk, least of all a total stranger) I pulled a John Johnson and started a conversation. By the time we got to baggage claim, we had decided to share a taxi [hold onto your seat—a taxi from the airport is like $100 – – get out!].

My new friend and I stood around the information booth when the mob of other “educators” showed up. Lucky for us all, the folks who rented cars took us over. Phew! As a mob, teachers are pretty good with problem-solving.

The Hotel

Wow. What an incredible facility. I am so sorry that I am here alone and engaged in workshops instead of enjoying all the amenities with the family. Just with the room I am in heaven. After checking in and checking out the incredible room (comfy bed/huge TV/ delux bathroom/FLUFFY BATHROBE! I know I sound like a country bumpkin who only goes to Motel 6). I sat in the lobby and enjoyed the complimentary lemonade to the delicious and soothing sound of a beautiful fountain.

Could this be a spa and  work?

The First Session

I barely had time to settle into the room before I had to attend the opening session. I was totally prepared to doodle and write while tuning out the goofy stuff.

To my surprise, the speaker was totally engaging. She looks like Edna from The Incredibles. She could barely be seen from behind the podium, but her presentation packed a wallop (wollop? which one?). This was followed by an awesome reception. I was surprised by an open bar, but hey, I’m not complaining! Chicken tenders and bite-sized Cuban sandwiches rounded out the snacks.

I ended up back at the room, brewed a pot of coffee, and lounged in the lap of luxury while writing this longhand. I’ll have to hit the cybercafe early to get this posted. In the meantime, enjoying the juxtaposition of work and luxury.

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