Beijing Olympics 2008

Beautiful or poisonous? They’re getting a lot of bad press about the air pollution, and makes me want to stop and make a political statement about the absurdity of the US getting flack about the environment (Drill. Now. Dammit. How ironic that Paris Hilton has the solution), but they sure do know how to put on a show. Even the the EPCOT-looking ball from the light-show was beautiful. And frankly, it’s unfair to say that anything could beat the weirdness of the Greek opening ceremony, but really, the weird suspended pregnant chick vs. this dancing beauty:

The EPCOT ball was a knock-off, but still lovely:

and of course, fireworks. It’s China — could they screw it up? No way:

Good luck to all the athletes.

3 thoughts on “Beijing Olympics 2008

  1. My wife and I have always watched the Olympic games throughout our dating and marriage. This year we both have mixed feelings. All the Human Right Violations and things China has done to simply put these games together sickens me. Also, I am tired of girls from North Dakota playing on the Russian team and kids born and raised in Michigan, playing in the NBA playing for China. I thought you were supposed to represent your country? I am losing my enjoyment of the Olympics.

  2. Yeah, I know. As a former athlete (a bazillion years ago) it’s all about getting to compete–but the olympics have always been politicized, even when it didn’t appear that way. 😦

  3. Don’t know how I feel about these Olympics. Not the fault of the athletes but I wish they had picked a different country to hold the games. I’ve been listening to the World over Live Podcast and they keep taking about all the human rights violations going on in the country; plus all the violations they put their own people through to make the games seem respectable. For months their gestapo have been arresting people that might make them look bad and they’ve kicked people out of their homes to make space for the stadiums they constructed. Makes me sad.

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