from the strange happy world of the hopelessly stupid

Sometimes I think critical thinking is a curse.

If I could while away the hours sitting in an airport watching people, I’d be a very happy camper. The human condition has more natural drama than any of the fictionalized goofiness that passes for entertainment on TV. When the behavior is pathetically stupid, it introduces a whole new level of entertainment for me, but inevitably, I am left feeling frustrated and not a little bit annoyed.

The truth is, I hate stupidity with a passion. It’s not very Christian, I know. It’s not very compassionate, or empathetic, or anything else that would be a nice thing to say. No. It’s a downright ugly part of my personality. I admit it, and have no immediate plans to change it.

Sadly, I don’t need to go to the airport to see astounding displays of stupidity. I don’t even have to go down the street to the community Waffle House. I just need to take a peek outside my door every once in a while.

I just saw someone go up to a locked office with the lights out and no sign of anyone inside, and proceed to knock loudly and repeatedly. And then stand there and look inside (the 10 x 12 box) and knock again. As if the occupant had anywhere to hide.


2 thoughts on “from the strange happy world of the hopelessly stupid

  1. UMMM… people watching was my job for 5 years at Disney, it lost it’s appeal about 5 months in. And I have to say being exposed to human stupidity via themepark security for 7 years has made me pretty cynical and not very patient.

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