evidently we’ve raised an exhibitionist

Yesterday was No Pants 2009.

What does that mean? It means across the planet crazy people participated in an international prank to go out in public without wearing their pants (trousers). Hmmm. The idea was to go on the city’s subways or mass transit at a designated time, pantsless. Should anyone inquire about their [lack of] attire, participants are instructed to respond, “Oh, I forgot to put them on.”

Yes, I see how that could be a plausible response. I’ve left the house in my slippers; forgotten to brush my hair; left my wallet….but somehow I’ve always remembered to wear my pants! It’s wonderful to be a carefree college student. (okay…let me be honest…I would have done it, too—back in the day).

Evidently they were accosted by a woman pointing out that they are not in the Garden of Eden. Good point! At least Adam and Eve had the decency to wear fig leaves! Repent! The looks and comments must have been fabulous.

So here’s the evidence.

that's allotta leg
that's allotta leg
check out the lady looking down...busted!
check out the lady looking down...busted!

And in case you still think this is a questionable activity, first, you are a fuddy duddy, and second, you should definitely check out the other performance pranks that Improv Everywhere does. My two favorites are the Frozen Grand Central Station and the Food Court Musical.

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