by popular demand


Here’s my get up from this morning’s Facebook status,

I look ridiculous today. I am wearing red track warmups leftover from when Jonathan was younger and running cross country. Pink crocs left behind by Vicky. Christy’s long-sleeved lacrosse shirt (warm!) and a powder blue fluffy bathrobe. Did I mention it’s cold outside? I didn’t? Well, there won’t be any pictures posted.

There’s more to the story, at least what I’m going to post about. You see, this get up, while a mess, and thank you Lisa Hendey, aka, CatholicMom, I will not be going to Walmart to end up on the People of Walmart website (I guess it’s really moot since I’ve posted the picture), as I was saying, this get up is comprised of leftovers by my children. Actually, the bathrobe is mine, and nice-looking as well as warm and utilitarian, and the socks are a bonus in the ridiculous meter. I bought them in the Outer Banks years ago. They have sand dollars all over them. But the rest of the stuff is left-overs.

Let me explain why that tickles me. You see, when I was a teenager I worked in a bank on school breaks. My mother’s employer, C & S Bank, would hire the children of their employees during the breaks. I enjoyed a rather nice job, and got to meet a lot of interesting and weird people. One of those people, a nice lady we’ll call “Wanda” because it rhymes with her real name, had two teenage daughters that went to school with me. One was pretty normal, but the other was a shallow clothes horse. She ended up being fairly normal, but at that time was consumed by wearing the latest fashions. In 1978, that was pretty horrendous stuff.

Let me share with you some of the highlights of that time.


Wanda would go to work in her daughter’s fashion discards. At least I stayed inside all day.


2 thoughts on “by popular demand

  1. The only difference between your attire and mine is, more sadly, that it is all my own stuff put together that comes out looking that same way. Only happens in winter. My husband is NOT happy when the warm duds appear.

  2. Hilarious – last night I went to Walmart at 9:30 to buy stuff for the week and was looking around for you! Didn’t see you, but did run into a few of your friends from PoW – I was looking for hidden cameramen the whole time.

    Love the shoes – they could double as weapons!

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