for the record…

Things I like, in no particular order:

1. thick, fuzzy, warm new socks
2. hot chocolate
3. cold Coke
4. snuggling
5. sleeping under a mountain of comforters and pillows
6.the symphony
7. chick flicks
8. Marvin the Martian
9. the crash of waves on the beach
10. the stars

5 thoughts on “for the record…

  1. I like Animal from the Muppet Show. And Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

    I also like NEW fuzzy warm socks. Both my pink and blue pairs are worn thin.

    I like sleeping in on Saturday mornings. But I probably won’t be able to do that in 10 years. *sigh*

  2. LOL, if I was making a Christmas list it would look like this:
    1. CD’s (the standards by Queen Latifah, I know, don’t judge)
    2. DVD’s (the Star Trek movie)
    3. an iPhone
    4. slippers
    5. some comfy flannel jammies
    6. a nice sweater
    7. new shoes
    8. some smelly aromatic bathy stuff
    9. a new journal


    10. new fluffy socks

  3. If you’re bucking for Christmas presents by posting this list, you may have a problem. Only some of those things are available in stores. 🙂

    BTW, I also like Marvin. And Bugs. And Porky. And Daffy. And . . .

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