Dan Thurmon, wow!

I’m not a fan of self-help gurus. Frankly, it always looks like a scam to me–especially the get-rich guys. I guess I could get rich by telling YOU how to get rich by following my scam or crazy ponzi, but here’s a guy that made me pause. He spoke at one of our annual staff meetings, and the truth is, I found his ideas refreshing and fairly on the mark (sort of — his whole premise is kind of “off-balanced”). Anyway, I get the random update from him, and got this new video compilation of some of his ideas. I am amazed at how it speaks to new media evangelization. Check it out.

One thought on “Dan Thurmon, wow!

  1. “…and if your actions are not congruent with your words, it doesn’t really matter what you say.” That one really made me think. Perhaps a bit of soul-searching is on the menu for me.
    Thanks for posting this, Maria. I enjoyed it very much.

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