tired of not posting anything…

I submit to you this picture that I brazenly stole from Captain Jeff’s twitterpics. Ha! I cleverly used my new internet mojo to swipe it.

Here’s a better look at what he’s holding 🙂

4 thoughts on “tired of not posting anything…

  1. USA
    Visa Classic, MasterCard standart
    20$ dump,over 100 – 10$ dump,1000dumps 5k$
    Visa Gold Plat Signat Purchas Busines Corp / MC world, business etc
    30$ dump,over 100 – 25$
    38$ dump,over 100 – 25$ dump

    MasterCard, Visa Classic
    25$ dump,ver 100 – 15$ dump
    Visa, MC Gold Plat Signat Purchas Busines Corp
    40$ dump,100 – 30$ dump

    Europe & other countries*
    Gold,Platinum,Business,Purchasing,Signature 110$
    MC standart 90$,VISA Classic 65$
    * Swiss, France, Spain, Italy and Turkey dumps price: gold 120$,mc
    standart 100$, classic 80$

    track, 2 track – both track original

  2. Maria,

    Great pic! He sure is a handsome dude. Oh, and I love the book! 😉

    But what I am most excited about is that I have my own copy of Confessions of a Middle-Aged Cubanita!!!!

    You rock, Maria!

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