I feel a rant coming on…

It’s probably not directly related to the fact that the french fries were so salty it rendered them inedible, or that after rifling through a ridiculous amount of wasted napkins there was no straw…

or that after pulling into the gas station and up to the pump, and getting out of the car do I discover the credit card thingie taped up with no sign or any other direction. Every other visible pump had the same tacky cover up…

or this interminable and oppressive heat…

or the general state of affairs of poor customer service.

Or even interacting with cranky pants everywhere, no doubt also affected by all of the above.

No. It’s obviously me.

I clearly don’t smile enough.

4 thoughts on “I feel a rant coming on…

  1. Keep smiling like that, and no one will DARE annoy you again. (And you’d think, with unemployment so high, people would realize others are waiting in line for that job they’re doing in a half-baked way!)

  2. Finally getting some rain here in Massachusetts, but still oppressively humid. I will agree with you about the lack of customer service. I will add that there is a general lack of motivation, as well. I don’t recall being as lazy and unmotivated ever…..except maybe at 8 1/2 months pregnant at the end of August…..

  3. maria hi there from far away , e mail me with news ok. we are getting some great rain here in australia sorry for you . keep smiling.

  4. Tell me about it, María… We’re praying to God for water; it’s been almost two weeks without running water here.

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