Look, Mom! I’m not here today…

I’m playing in Dulcinea’s sandbox today. I’m talking about the night that Linda and I made some really ugly rosaries and burned our fingers with nylon twine. We were new to the whole process and made a lot of mistakes, but it had a happy ending. I promise!

I have a rosary that my bestest ever BFF, Linda, made for me many years ago. One evening we found ourselves sitting at my kitchen table drinking wine and making all-twine rosaries for Rosary Army. We were just learning how to make these rosaries, and to be honest, they were turning out … well … not very pretty. [read the rest here]

The delightfully charming Sarah Reinhard has once again opened up her very merry and very Mary blog, Just Another Day of Catholic Pondering, to guest posts, and guess what? I sent her football-shaped little Oreos to bribe her for a slot.

She’s so easy that way.

Of course, it might have been that I held her cowboy hat hostage for a month, but she’s the one that left it behind (I just want to set that record straight, especially now that my post has gone live).

So run, don’t walk on over there and see what else is cookin’ at her blog.

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