a little lesson from Mother Nature

My daughter posted this hilarious link of ducklings getting blown away by a gust of wind and I have to say, honestly, that it cracked me up. I replayed it several times, laughing louder each time because it really tickled my funny bone.

It reminded me of that kids’ toy, Weebles, and their tagline, Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.  Then I thought to myself, Self, there’s something bigger going on here. Sure, it’s hilarious to watch the ducks get blown away and then scurry back to their momma duck, only to get blown away again. Epic!

And I thought, waitaminute, it IS epic.

It’s just like our lives, isn’t it? One minute we’re walking along with the pack, each of us intent on whatever path it is that we’re following, and then, out of the blue comes this wind that blows us off course. Maybe it’s an illness, or a lay-off, or an unexpected death, and we roll away, pushed by those forces and left far from the path, a little bruised, a little battered, probably a little disoriented.

This is when the video gets good. You see, the ducklings do two things. First, they get up and shake themselves off, then they seek each other. They look for the momma duck, and they get back in line to resume their path. Go watch that video again, and when you stop laughing watch the ducklings: they seek each other and they get right back in line to follow the leader.

Shouldn’t we do that, too?

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