more stuff I like

Since I’m mired in stuff I can’t stand doing, and there’s no way out of this mess other than just wading through the sea of essays and term papers neatly stacked on my desk, I humbly submit for your perusal, a list of stuff I actually like.

Enjoy! Or don’t. I won’t know cuz I need to get back to grading.

1. Chocolate. In any form, though dark chocolate is especially yummy.

2. Vision Elite Uni-Ball gel pens. In any color, but I am partial to the blue one.

3. Coke! As in Coca-Cola. With ice!

4. New fluffy socks. In ridiculous designs.

5. Chinese food.

6. Ice cream.

7. Giggles. Laughs. Guffaws. And smiles.

8. Cuddling.

9. A house full of people I love.

10. The early morning quiet right before dawn.

6 thoughts on “more stuff I like

  1. Ok, you two. Evidently we are particular about our writing instruments. I will attempt to convert you. MUAHAHA!

    As far as chocolate goes — ANYTHING that is chocolate AND raspberries is all the proof I need that God loves me.

  2. I would say that I like 80% of your list. Dr. Pepper trumps Coke or any of its wannabe’s, and being Kerr handed, I prefer the Pilot G-2 10mm (medium point) gel pen in blue.

    Sincerly mmmm chocolate,

  3. I might arm wrestle you over #2 as I lean toward a different pen preference, but I’m convinced we may have some common DNA thread somewhere, as so much of this random list resonates.

    I note raspberries in the photo, tho’ not listed by you. I love chocolate-razz anything… candy, coffee, cocoa, etc. Godiva make a particularly nice choc-razz bar.

    Enough of this frivolity – now back to work with thee!

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