finally, some Christmas music

the Grinch's small heart grew three sizes that day

I am finally ready to embrace Christmas. I wish I could be all exemplary and everything and give y’all a profound lesson in patience and the proper way to observe Advent and all that, but no. I am generally shallow and Scrooge-y, or perhaps, Grinch-y because for teachers, December is the cruelest month.

Everything comes due in December if you’re in education. Grades, of course, are an overwhelming part of it — but when that gets bunched together with all the other stuff — well, it puts me in a foul mood so I ignore the holiday stuff going on around me. I don’t do Christmas shopping. I grudgingly attend the office party for the sake of politics. And I finish my work.

YES! I am done. Finished! Finis!

Nice that it usually coincides with the third week of Advent, isn’t it? That little pink candle that I light at dinner tonight is going to make me very very happy. Because now I can get ready. 

And while it’s a bit of a jump, I’ve been playing Christmas music in the office. Here’s my top 10 favorite Christmas songs:

1 What Child IS This?

2 O Holy Night

3 Do You Hear What I Hear?

4 It Came Upon a Midnight Clear

5 Silent Night

6 Angels We Have Heard on High

7 O Come All Ye Faithful

Hmmm. Did I say 10? I meant 7. That’s all I got at the moment. 🙂

3 thoughts on “finally, some Christmas music

  1. I too am now ready to greet Christmas — baking, cleaning, shopping, and wrapping before the wonderful eve of Christ’s birthday.

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