3 thoughts on “A Christmas Special

  1. Great story Maria! I wish our family was at the stage that your house is at now. Our three kids are too young to go to midnight/10:30pm Mass. We take turns every year on Christmas Day, opening gifts in the morning and travel all day, to either my side or my wife’s side. At least my wife’s folks are just the next town over, so next year won’t be quite so long of a drive. My dilemma is that I was born on 12/25 (not a bad birthday to share I admit! 😉 ). However, “Mom” always wants to see her “little boy” on his birthday (I’m an “only child” to boot!), so on off years we have them over on the 24th.

    BTW, I was checking out your site and blog, to “see how it’s done”, planning on starting mine up via Bluehost, but am a bit nervous in putting my contents out there. I guess my “mantra” should be “O Lord open my lips, and my mouth shall declare your praise!” Any quick tips for a “nub” like me?

    Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est!

    Dan Hyatt, Norwood MA

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