anti-social must be my temperament

I am at the oral surgeon — Christy is having her wisdom teeth removed. Why didn’t the dentist just pull ’em out? Yeah, well, this isn’t about that adventure; it’s about the waiting room.

There are 12 seats here. I know because I counted them. Twice. For emphasis.

I am annoyed because there is all this space everywhere and no one here except me, and the woman who has chosen to sit right beside me. Yes. She is sucking up the air in my personal space bubble. And it is choking me. That’s a heckuva statement to make coming from a person that generally doesn’t have personal space issues. [full disclosure: If I like you, then I don’t have personal space issues. If I don’t like you, sharing an armrest when it isn’t necessary is not going to endear you to me].

ANYWAY, I am annoyed. Did I say that already? It bears repetition. I am annoyed.

And then I had a moment of surprising charity and thought maybe she was there alone. So I smiled at her.

She stared me down and went back to her 2009 Good Housekeeping.


5 thoughts on “anti-social must be my temperament

  1. Hey maria, throw her off, and pretend you know her , you have forgotten her name, and she lives where? she may get up and go outside. then you win.

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