Day 01

Day 01 – A picture of yourself with fifteen facts.

1. I like yellow roses (and any other little yellow flowers, even dandelions).

2. I am a NAUI certified diver.

3. I’m the oldest child and oldest cousin, but most of my friends tend to be older than me.

4. My favorite part of going to the beach is digging my feet in the sand at the water’s edge.

5. I write poetry on scraps of paper.

6. I am super near-sighted.

7. I once shot 100 free throws in a row. All. Net.

8. I like to dance.

9. I like loud music.

10. Sometimes, when I’m cleaning, I listen to loud music AND dance.

11. If I start reading a book and I don’t like it, I feel compelled to finish it.

12. Unlike books, I can totally walk away from a movie, even in the middle of the climax or resolution.

13. Red wine gives me headaches. Mostly cabs. I’ve taken to drinking tempranillos and chardonnay.

14. I would go into space if NASA took middle-aged, out of shape, curiosity-seeking neurotic women.

15. I am undone by spontaneous acts of affection.

6 thoughts on “Day 01

  1. Red wine gives me headaches too. And I’m with you on the loud music, water’s edge and books. But although I wanted to be an astronaut when I was eight, I’ve since changed my mind about outer space. :/

    1. Poor Pat. She always gets dragged into these virtual parties. On second thought, no sympathy for her today. She’s traipsing around Paris, and I have…downtown Decatur and a view of the cemetery.

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