Day 07

Day 07 – A picture of your most treasured item.

In 1992  our house was burglarized. Thanks to our retired neighbor who was working in the yard, he was able to call the police and scare away the burglars. We only lost our tv and stereo…and the jewelry box that John gave me for our first anniversary. In it were a number of pieces of jewelry that had a lot of sentimental value. Among them were my wedding rings.(I was about to give birth to our son and had taken them off the night before because of swelling in my hands).

I cried and cried. Eventually, I stopped crying, but I’ve never gotten over it, especially if in the right mood I happen to catch a glimpse of John’s matching band 😦

He replaced the rings because he is a darling and has offered to upgrade and change the setting, but I’ll have none of that. Not because I’m being petulant or having a tantrum about wanting my rings, but because it was one of those defining moments that changed me. I’m just not terribly attached to items since them. I’m not married because of some rings…the burglars took some gold and diamonds, not my marriage.

I’m not very materialistic. Don’t think I’m being all ascetic and stuff. I like pretty things and have plenty of stuff, and like my new car, and like my house, and like the things in it. I’m just talking about having an inordinate connection to stuff. I just don’t. I’ve driven cars that were just tools for transportation, lived in comfortable homes that were not showrooms, worn clothes for fit and comfort instead of style. I do admit to owning too many books, so maybe that’s it. But no, a flood in the basement wiped out hundreds of them (they were in boxes — fail) and I tend to lend books, which amounts to giving them away, so I never give anyone a book that I actually expect back 🙂 So, nothing there.

I’m contemplating what I would grab if the house were on fire. My initial thought is nothing — get my family out. I actually took a walk around looking at stuff. When I settled in the living room, I saw the charcoal drawing of the three kids that hangs above the fireplace, and I thought, well…I can’t reduce my kids to an item…but in that item is captured that which I do value, and that is my family.

Aren’t they cutie pies?

3 thoughts on “Day 07

  1. I think that’s very healthy – I’m very similar and have few if any items I’m attached to. But I will have to write about that tomorrow. 😉

    And yes, they are cutie pies.

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