Day 13

Day 13 – A picture of your favorite band or artist.

That’s a tough one! How can I pick a favorite artist? It’s like asking me to pick a favorite book. Oh, wait, that one’s coming up soon.

I noted once that if my life had a soundtrack, it would probably feature Elton John quite a bit. The first record I ever bought with some hard-earned baby-sitting money was an Elton John 45 — Crocodile Rock.

The first concert I ever attended was Elton John. When John and I got married and merged our LP collections, guess which albums were doubles? Yep, Elton John. It seems like he was constantly redefining himself and catching on with a new audience, but he never really faded off my radar. I loved the tour with Billy Joel and I think that went on for years, right? Then, I had kids and there he was working with The Lion King.

To say that he has been present in my life is not the same as favorite artist, though, and it’s bugging me a little that I can’t commit. I went to iTunes to check out play counts, and Twila Paris wins hands down, but that’s kind of skewed…that has everything to do with a particular CD I got and how and when I happen to listen to music from my mac, so…not really accurate, either.

The PC laptop is kind of the same thing … Santana wins there. The CD in my car has Michael Buble, but that’s because I threw my CD case in a box in the garage when my car was wrecked and I haven’t retrieved it (I know, that was last summer).

My car radio is tuned to the country station, and George Strait, Martina McBride, and Rascal Flatts will always be played at full volume. But so will Jason Mraz. And my mp3 players tells a different tale, in Spanish. If I hit the “most played” setting I get Celia Cruz.

Eclectic, eh?

Weezer, then, of all bands, captures the theme. You weren’t expecting that, were you?  Follow the link to YouTube…enjoy it and see if you catch all the references, oh, and look for a little Rick Roll in there.

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