finally, I put my feet up and relaxed

The beautiful part about not bringing work home and  having gotten that insanity under control is being able to enjoy the weekends the way they are meant to be enjoyed. In no particular order, I bring to you the highlights of my weekend:

  • cooked
  • ate
  • spent time with friends
  • saw goofy movies
  • read
  • wrote
  • prayed
  • cooked some more
  • went to Mass
  • ate some more
  • shed a tear or three over a moving poem
  • did a human amount of laundry (1 dark 1 white)
  • enjoyed some sidra (no, I didn’t throw it)
  • prayed some rosaries
  • listened to some good music
  • listened to some loud music
  • made a little music
  • drank a lot of coffee
  • read some more
  • wrote a poem
  • had some tea
  • laughed a lot
  • and finally, put my feet up.

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