in which I play nice with other bloggers

I’ve been reading a bunch of bloggers’ 7 Quick Takes Friday posts, hosted at Jennifer Fulwiler’s blog, Conversion Diary, and finally decided to crash the party. So here ya go, in no particular order, the highlights of my week.


We had a very special guest at this week’s SQPN board meeting. I suspect Fr. Jay Finelli has some connections.


My baby had a birthday. I can’t believe how time flies. Danielle Bean astutely suggested that I was a child bride. So true. So true!


I know my friends in the northeast have had a long winter, but let me tell you that I’m ready for fall. It’s been in the 90’s all week.


I got a special gift from my godson, so I think I’m gonna change my picture…what do you think?


My parents and siblings came up for a nice visit and we played tourists in Atlanta. We went to the World of Coca-Cola. That was hilarious — there’s this international tasting room and the MOST DISGUSTING drink in the world is something called Beverly. It tastes like Triaminic. Of course, my niece and nephews drank themselves into a sugar coma. I held out for the daiquiris my dad made later.


The Amazing Aliza graduates today! I wish I could be there, but sending big hugs and lotsa love to my precious goddaughter. Congratulations sweetie! Padrino and I are so proud!


And finally, a big thank you to Jennifer Fulwiler for hosting this delightful opportunity for a weekly reflection and so generously making it a fun and open activity. Please go check out her quick takes, and all the links!

2 thoughts on “in which I play nice with other bloggers

  1. Great post. But you forgot one thing. You did not mention me ( can’t you see me I’m jumping up and down screaming “pick me-pick me-pick me-pick me)

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