how fun is this?

I got to play at the Catholic Portal at today and do two of my favorite things: write and talk about sci-fi.

Here’s a little piece of it:

I wish I could claim that my love of literature comes from some deep intellectual place. In reality, it probably comes from my love of comics and science-fiction. I blame Star Trek. Even at its most Shatneresque campiness, in every incarnation the sci-fi classic offers engaging stories.

That is why this middle-aged broad is happy to sit in a darkened theater with her 19-year-old son, riveted to the latest comic book brought to the big screen.

I’ve seen Thor three times, and will probably watch X-Men: First Class again in the next week. I don’t need an intervention. I don’t need a life.

I need some more popcorn.

I hope you follow this link to read the rest of it.

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