it’s still “A Reel Cool Summer” around here

My stack of summer reading books is about 7 or 8 books deep and it’s stayed that way all summer. Every time I’d get through two or three books, three or four new ones would find their way there. It’s a good thing I like reading.

It’s a good thing I like reading good things.

Cue this adorable children’s book, A Reel Cool Summer, written by Martha Rodriguez and illustrated by her son, Joey Rodriguez.

It captures the wild imaginations of three adorably charming siblings, Joey, Danny, and Jacqui, and their brilliant plan for getting a swimming pool on a hot, boring day.

And it involves pirates, aliens, princesses, and…broccoli. Broccoli?! Well, it turns out Danny isn’t a fan of broccoli, either.

It’s perfect for a hot day, a rainy day, a snowy day, and especially, a boring day.

Kids will not only pass the time with a fun story, they just might get some creative ideas of their own.

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