today’s demoralizing exchange…

brought to me by the sweet young thing at the registrar’s office at my alma mater who kindly, patiently, and ever so condescendingly walked me through getting an ID and password for the newfangled on-line transcript request system only to discover that I AM TOO OLD TO USE THIS SYSTEM BECAUSE THE ELECTRONIC RECORDS DON’T GO BACK TO ANCIENT TIMES.


Cuz I’m feeling awfully young and spry right about now.

Excuse me while I go sharpen my quill and squeeze some berries so I can scribble my request on this here parchment paper…

2 thoughts on “today’s demoralizing exchange…

  1. Thanks for the “heads-up”. It will lessen my horror and demoralization if I ever go through that process. Reminds me of questions my children would periodically ask me regarding mid-20th century events. And then appear shocked . . . SHOCKED . . . when I would tell them that it was before my time. :/

    1. Indeed. It turns out that my transcripts pre-date the young lady’s birth by at least a decade. Woe is me.

      Of course, the alternative is to be six-feet-under, so in the big picture, so what. Perspective, as they say, is everything.

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