some quick takes, quickly

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It’s raining, and I love rainy days. I expect to get much accomplished today, and it includes a little bit of cleaning, a little bit of cooking, and a little bit of writing. The fact that I got to this post so early is a good sign for that last desire for today: a little bit of writing.


I got some really good direction for a literary analysis that I need to write. I know that sounds like homework, and it actually is, of a sort, but I’m nerdy that way, and so is the friend who suggested the theme, so…what can I say, I’m in nerd nirvana rereading the book and coming up with a thesis.


I ate some authentic Indian cuisine this week with a great friend at work. We decided that Wednesdays need to be our sanity days, and so we’re making an effort to get out and breathe and take a mini-retreat. I’ve eaten pseudo Indian fare before — but this meal was exceptional. Also, I’ve made a mental note that this is not a good choice for work lunches. Before you think things went south in the plumbing department, no, not that. I just feel like I smelled like onions and curry the rest of the day. Gum was not enough.


Put together some poetry. Let me say that I am alternately enjoying writing it and mortified by the feeling it is trite and just plain goofy. But that’s just the usual neurosis. Evidently I need to compose something about basketball. Don’t anybody hold your breath on that.


So I was going to Chicago. Then not going. Then going. Then not. Finally, I didn’t. And that’s that. No big deal, but I got a bonus day of writing. What’s not to love.


The CNMC is almost here! Are you going? You should. You really really should. Check it out here.


I took a mental health day earlier this week…and I have to say, I need to work those into my schedule more often. I take some artist dates on Fridays, just doing a little quiet time with myself kind of stuff and getting some inspiration for writing, but this mental health day was more like an artist date with a friend. It was refreshing, productive, fun, enlightening, goofy, adventurous, eye-opening, tender, wacky, prayerful, educational, and most of all a beautiful blessing. Amen.

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