getting ready for the new missal around here!

I love what Archbishop Wilton Gregory has to say here. Not only does he give a good and concise rationale for the new translation, but he stresses the point that we’re all in this together as a community…he even shares a little about his own experience.

We’ve been moving toward the change in our archdiocese and our parish for a while, with bulletins and “heads up” kinds of write ups in the weekly bulletin, and instruction during the Mass. We’ve also been working on incorporating the new language in several of the sung parts…that’s already getting smoother and will probably be fine by the time the rest of the changes begin in just two weeks (though I’m still not a fan of the music we’re using for the Gloria).

I’m actually looking forward to the implementation; how about you? It’s like enough talk already — let’s do it!

Maybe you’re gonna be cool about it and just read along on the 27th. Maybe you don’t really care about all the why’s and the history leading up to this. Maybe you’re just, like, the kind of person that happily goes along with the flow, no stress. Cool.

If, however, you’re a nerd like me, then you might like to see some of the resources that are available.

The Archdiocese of Atlanta has a bunch of resources.

The USCCB has a neat little chart that actually shows us the differences side by side.

Pat Gohn’s column, A Word in Season, at has a great series that breaks it down into easy to manage pieces that starts with The Translation: A Renewed Understanding of Love. Then see Part I and Part II, and the recent It’s Not a New Mass, It’s a New Translation. Episode 114 of Among Women discusses the new Missal.

Catholic Weekend 95 continues the conversation with Pat, who encourages us to be easy on ourselves and approach it with patience.

And if you have kids, you might like to see what’s going on at Catholic Icing so you can print out your own version of the new Missal for kids!

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