7 Quick Takes Friday: Turkey Edition


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There was a turkey, all right. We just didn’t eat it!


In fact, we almost didn’t eat at all. I didn’t even finish setting the table. . .


Somebody got real sick, real fast. In fact, he still looks like a giant strawberry this morning.


It wouldn’t be a holiday with Morera’s without a trip to the Emergency Room. It’s just, it’s usually a broken bone. . .

And it’s usually…


or . . .


So here’s a thankful prayer that the little ones are safe and sound…and the big one returned, pumped full of benadryl and other stuff, but hungry as a horse.


Here’s the pork roast that had cooked all day (and then…all evening!)


And there was no pumpkin pie…a flan instead!


Here’s hoping you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! And the gentle reminder that every day is for giving thanks.

8 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday: Turkey Edition

  1. Lying in the PICU at the hospital near my parents house where my son got admitted last night. You’re making me feel thankful that I’m not the only one who spent Thanksgiving in the ER.

  2. We spent last Thanksgiving at the ER with my FIL, who had overheated at my SIL’s house and passed out. This year he came to my house instead, and I kept a fan blowing in a subtle location in the dining room just in case 😉

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