7 Quick Takes Friday: Christmas!

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My Macbook broke a few weeks ago and I had finals and other things that kept me from the Apple store. I discovered that I really really really like my laptop. Does that make me shallow?


I turned in my grades on Monday, did some stuff at work, and came home to my Christmas vacation. My dear hubby had taken care of the Christmas shopping for our kids, so I hadn’t gone shopping yet, unless you count the office secret santa….Anyway, it was absolutely refreshing to not have that stress of hitting malls although I did eventually get around to it on Wednesday. Because I’m a glutton for punishment.


On Tuesday I went on a crazy road trip with Christy to Augusta to get a fishing reel repaired. Don’t ask — I rarely need an excuse for an adventure — and what an adventure we had.


We discovered the Sacred Heart Cultural Center, which is absolutely beautiful. I posted a bunch of pictures here, but the one I included in this post is my favorite and isn’t in the slide show. I took it on my phone because I was taken by the sight. The church is desanctified (which makes me so sad) and I was caught by surprise to walk out into this giant open space and see the beauty of that window. There are some close ups on the slide show, but what I really liked about this picture is that the sun beams illuminate the whole space. I’ve been thinking an awful lot about Mary’s fiat, captured in this beautiful image of the Annunciation, so it was a double treat to encounter this lovely scene.


This is a picture of my fireplace. Why is it empty, you ask? Because it’s 70 degrees. I am not in Miami, but there’s a hurricane outside, and John turned on the air conditioning. On the first day of winter. Air conditioning. Maybe I’ll fill it with poinsettias.


My honey gave me an early Christmas present! It was berry good!


I didn’t wait. (and  shared!)

Merry Christmas!


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