three things about me…just because

1. I was almost a geologist. That makes me laugh. A lot. English is so similar to geology, doncha know.

2. I’m afraid to cross the street by myself.

3. This is one of my favorite candy bars.

what about you?

6 thoughts on “three things about me…just because

  1. I dislike the sun. I always walk in the shade and wear tons of sunscreen. God has a sense of humor: I’m from Southern California and He worked it out so I would move to Spain.

    I have to say “Don’t lick your shoes” as least once a week.

    The “Thank You” I say every morning has turned from youthful enthusiasm to true gratefulness. 🙂

  2. 1. As a kid, I always wanted to play the piano. Alas, no money for piano or lessons. I still imagine it wistfully even as arthritis teases my fingers.

    2. I am a scientist, a physiologist to be specific. I don’t practice my vocation much any more and do more paper pushing and work with government rules but in my chest there is still the heart of a scientist, excited by the micro and macro universe and all that lives in it.

    I am in the seminary studying to be a Catholic deacon. Sort of a gradual urge brought on my the Spirit and I finally got the message and He opened so many doors and windows. I am where I belong, at least for now..

  3. 1. I was almost a flight attendant. Went through all the training except for CPR.

    2. My favorite candy bar is Heath. So much so that my friends once gave me a case of them for my birthday.

    3. I have a dream of taking a watercolor class since that’s my favorite medium.

  4. 1. I am a geologist – at least I have the degree.

    2. Since I was 7 yrs old, I’ve had a fascination with flags. This eventually expanded into an appreciation for all sorts of symbolic and iconic things – monuments, edifices, statues, aircraft carriers, parades, symphonies, ceremonies, liturgies, and, oh yeah, words.

    3. I like that you asked this question. I think this modern age makes it harder for people to get to know each other. I get the feeling that only a few of my closest friends really try to “get” me.

  5. Mmmm…

    1. One of my reams was to become a musical actress.

    2. I’d love to have my own set of drums.

    3. Whenever I eat a fried egg, I first eat the white and then the yolk. I just can’t eat it another way. Once, one of my boys pricked the yolk of my egg and I was dumbfounded. I’m a bit OC.

  6. 1. I loved photography as a kid, especially working with photographic film and paper. The dark room, the negative enlarger, the trays with the chemicals and watching a print come to life. Alas, now we live in the digital camera/photoshop/flickr world (and magazine covers are unbelievably fake).
    2. I think I was born further south than Bego.
    3. The SQPN’ers and Catholic New Media folks on Twitter bring smiles to me daily.
    What ’bout you?

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