back with some Quick Takes

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My inability to be present on social media has been a little random and mostly non-existent. At first I was distressed by it because it wasn’t necessarily a choice, but it has coincided with Lent, and working out rather nicely. I admit that I’m not all that distressed by it. I’m checking in a few times…in the morning, maybe late afternoon. It’s working out well for me…you know, not so many “I’m having a cup of coffee” tweets, instead, I’m enjoying some real time banter and then moving on.


Speaking of Twitter, had a hilarious exchange with my daughter. Actually, it was a couple of retweets, and her wry observation that followed. There was a lot of buzz about Leap Day, and these played nicely into that fun:

My retweet:

Her retweet:

Immediately after that I got this text message from her:

Your most recent retweet followed by my most recent retweet is a funny juxtaposition of our generation’s mentalities 🙂

It led to a really great conversation in real time, on the phone, and what’s not to love about that?


Gonna have a little trip to New Orleans! I’ll take an epi-pen. Should I eat this?


A series of delightful events this week reminded me of this lovely picture I took a while ago at the Sacred Heart Cultural Center in Augusta, GA. I posted a bunch of pictures here. I really like this picture because the sun beams illuminate the whole space. I’ve been thinking an awful lot about Mary’s fiat since I’m working through a total consecration to Jesus through Mary.


Sometimes I get in wild moods and write poetry and actually share it, instead of shoving it under my mattress. A couple of people actually read it. I mean, besides my mother. The nice people over at Catholic Lane  are posting it! Click on my pretty little picture and you can read it, too!



My honey gave me an early birthday present! In fact, it was a lovely launch for birthday week! (yes, my birthday is very soon).


And the birthday week celebrations continue…this was breakfast, made by my own Honey, with some local honey. It better hold me til dinner 🙂


3 thoughts on “back with some Quick Takes

  1. Hey there judy remember me its that aussie leonie smith, you girl got up and moved on me wow fancy seeing you online, get my email from maria. love you leonie. Enjoy easter!

  2. Enjoy the mud bugs and corn..Drink lots of beer to make them even better. Let it dribble down your chin and relish every bite…Best is to suck out the head yum. I am not quite at that stage.
    Enjoy your time there. We loved it when we lived in Mandeville. Beignets of course and that great chicory coffee.
    I could go on and on…..Just enjoy …Jude and keith

  3. Lovin’ your 7 Quick Takes Friday. I too am v-e-ry sporadic on the social media scene – tweets are virtually non-existent! I figure no one is really going to miss me on FB or Twitter. One year I gave up FB for Lent, except on Sunday… it was wonderful! So why didn’t I do it this year???

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