time for another Quick Takes Friday!

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I spent last weekend in New Orleans for a forum on Learning Support and Student Success. That translates to a bunch of college professors sitting around discussing what we can do to help adult students get up to speed on the skills they need for success in college (dare I say, in life?). It ain’t easy, let me tell you. I don’t make it any easier by saying ain’t, now do I? This is the part where I say that I worked hard while I was there. By that, I mean I was where I was supposed to be during the day. I played the rest of the time, but more on that later. This topic of college-level remediation is an important one, as I see myself kind of drifting into the direction of teaching more and more learning support classes. It’s a kind of ministry, really. Really .


Did I say I was in New Orleans? Yes?

YES! I had lunch with the delightful Catholic Foodie himself, Jeff Young, and the even more delightful Char Young!

We had our V-8!


And then I took a little bite of heaven at Cafe du Monde


Ate this ginormous mufaletta sandwich. Oh heaven, again.


Finally, really trying to get to heaven, visited the beautiful cathedral for Mass before leaving.


Had another little ole poem posted at  Catholic Lane. You can read it here. Tickles me to no end to be doing this…it’s like having a little cherry plopped on top of my week.


And finally, joined the Son Rise Morning Show brackets for March madness. I’m doing okay, though you can tell that I’m doing better in the East.

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