Catholic Weekend…unplugged

Capt. Jeff: Okay… I think I have us in a chat room. I still HATE this Skype 5 interface

Maria Johnson: what a goober. so this week, I watched the Avengers, loved it

Capt. Jeff: @Steve: Do you want to do some game show questions?

Steve Nelson: ours is not to reason why. ok, it is.

William Newton: I’m almost ready give me about 5-7 more mins.

Maria Johnson: there’s a lot about music…love it…something about beethoven and shakespeare…love Beethoven, think shakespeare’s a hack

Capt. Jeff: I need more time than that

Maria Johnson: and my favorite composer, vivaldi

Steve Nelson: I can do some Cinco de Mayo trivia – as long as we don’t talk about it beforehand.

Capt. Jeff: ok

Steve Nelson: easy stuff.

Capt. Jeff: What do you think about inviting Jimmy to be on?

Maria Johnson: may crowningings…that should elicit some memories from childhood…I wanna do that

Capt. Jeff: he’s online now

Steve Nelson: I don’t usually give it much thought.

Maria Johnson: I lik him

Maria Johnson: like…LIKE

Capt. Jeff: me too

Capt. Jeff: lik… ooh

Capt. Jeff: yuck

Maria Johnson: ew

Capt. Jeff: brb

William Newton: This chat appears to have become #scandalous in my absence.

Maria Johnson: <Like>

William Newton: Heh

Maria Johnson: I’m going to have that facebook thumbs up made into a stamp and put it on my students papers

Maria Johnson: i think, though, I may have to use it upside down

William Newton: I wish FB had a “Dislike” button.

William Newton: You could be all Caesar in the arena.

Maria Johnson: oooooh…..don’t pull off the toga look these days

Steve Nelson: et tu maria-te?

Maria Johnson: nice.

William Newton: I thought you guys had toga parties at the CNMC.

William Newton: This is very disappointing. Shattered illusions.

Steve Nelson: shhhhh….

Maria Johnson: no, we’re simple folks. we eat cheetohs

Steve Nelson: and oreos

Steve Nelson: and chips a’hoy

Maria Johnson: mmmmmm

Maria Johnson: [we do spike the punch, though]

Steve Nelson: and lots and lots of …. coffee

William Newton: I love Ian Maxfield’s podcast from last year when he was shocked by all the food you guys ate.

Steve Nelson: don’t be fooled. he packed it away just fine.

William Newton: Well he’s a tall guy as you guys mentioned afterwards; you had been expecting a smaller guy and were surprised when you picked him up, if I remember.

Maria Johnson: hilarious guy…I saw him with that tub of cheese puffs

William Newton: I love that he indulges my armchair interest in archeaology and paleontology when we correspond.

Steve Nelson: I thank him for introducing me to Boddington’s beer. Good stuff.

William Newton: A solid beverage.

Maria Johnson: yeah, not too many people today versed in the art of conversation on a multitude of topics

Steve Nelson: I are.

William Newton: Is you?

Steve Nelson: Want to know about scissortail flycatchers or the difference between ferric and ferous oxides?

Maria Johnson: sometimes I think it would fun to have bubbles over our heads in real life. or have a status bar above our heads to hashtag our conversations

Steve Nelson: or how the difference in ferrous and ferric oxides is exhibited in the lithology of fine grained sediments, aslo known as shales?

Maria Johnson: because, clearly, I’ve had too much caffeine this morning

William Newton: This reminds me of an episode of Arrested development where Lucille is angry b/c Lucille #2 has bought the company

Maria Johnson: it would replace the “I’m with stupid” t-shirts

Steve Nelson: Ok, I’m done being pedantic. I’ll resume my role as the dull one.

William Newton: She’s yelling and air-quoting while holding a martini and splashing everywhere and Jason Bateman says, “You know you need to stop quoting when you drink.”

Maria Johnson: well, that about wraps up Catholic Weekend…thanks for coming by, folks, the show never aired because it never got out of the chat

William Newton: Ha!

Steve Nelson: that would be funny – just have Jeff narrate the chat: And then Maria said,”…”

William Newton: I bet C-Span would air it.

Maria Johnson: I have half a mind to copy it and post it on my blog

Maria Johnson: this is your opportunity to say something about having only half a mind…GO!

William Newton: Are we allowed to talk about Joe Biden on SQPN?

Steve Nelson: <rim shot>

Maria Johnson: oh. my. does he have half a mind?

William Newton: That’s true, it might be out on loan.

Maria Johnson: that was…well…rhetorical

Steve Nelson: I think it’s just that the two sides of his brain excommunicate.

Maria Johnson: hahahaha. that’s…really funny

Capt. Jeff: …

William Newton: Sibelius is one of the speakers up the road for graduation this year. My undergrad alma mater comes through in the clutch for heresy yet again.

Steve Nelson: All statements by Steve do not necessarily represent the views of Steve.  Copyright 2012.

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