loving my new journal!

Simone Martini, fresco detail depicting Saint ...
Simone Martini, fresco detail depicting Saint Clare of Assisi, (1322–26), Lower basilica of San Francesco, Assisi (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Today’s little piece of inspiration from my journal comes from St. Clare of Assisi:

May we love one another with the charity of Christ. May the love that we have in our hearts show itself in our actions. And may our love and example increase love of and charity for one another in all places. Amen.

Wow. I wish I had read that this morning, instead of after lunch. It’s my own fault for changing my writing routine…it would have been an awesome companion to my morning devotion.  But…there it is. Now, when I’m doing this 🙂

I read it over and over as I prepared to write…because it doesn’t say for “those people you like.” It says “for one another in all places.”

That’s what makes being a Christian so hard — that crazy call to love one another. To love, if I may say so, the unlovable. It’s the hardest thing we have to do, and it’s what Jesus commanded us to do. In all places.

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