7 Quick Takes — The Plug a Website Edition

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Wow. I haven’t done this in so long that a) I feel incredibly guilty, and b) I kinda forgot what to do. I periodically become a blogging slacker. And then I snap out of it. Or something.


I’m getting excited about the CNMC this year in Dallas/Fort Worth! Are you going? Sign up! Quick!


Had two lunch dates with two delightful friends…and a crazy drive-by visit with another one. I’m going to call that a win in the hanging out with girlfriends column. And thank Momma Mary for her hand in all of it.


Since I’m posting pictures, let me share this one. I’ve been laughing an awful lot lately. Good, deep, loudly joyful laughs, and I like it. It’s the most fun I’ve had in a while, and it feels good. Don’t read anything depressing into it — I think I’ve just been so focused on things and carried around a serious frown of concentration that I’ve forgotten to just let go. As in, let go, and let God. That’s really been the greatest relief of all.


Brandon Vogt must really have more energy than the Energizer Bunny. Not that I’m comparing him to a bunny or anything, but just in case, he’d probably look cute in a big ole pink bunny costume and pull it off without having to punch anyone in the face.

Also, he’s going to be at the CNMC, and no doubt, a bazillion gazillion other things, too. And blogging. Better and more often than me. Anyway, he’s got a neat thing going on at his blog, encouraging all of us — ALL OF US — to go vote for our favorite Catholic speakers, and then write a blog post about one of them.

It’s a great idea — please go read more about it here and then participate!


I’m super excited to be running a special series about Learning Support redesign initiatives at my college (and in the technical college system in Georgia) for Pearson Higher Education. The first installment popped up this week —  a little early, but that’s OK. So here’s a shameless plug for that!


Finally, I thought I’d share just one more picture. It’s my stapler. No, it’s not a red one. It’s a very serviceable charcoal gray stapler that lies flat or straight up, depending on what you like — quite useful on those days when I have a lot of stapling to do. You should know, if you ever aspire to be a college professor, that some days have a lot of stapling.

I’ve had this particular stapler for a few years. Or maybe not — who really keeps track of their office supplies, you know? I’ve had it a long time. That’s good enough.

Anyway, I just now read what’s on the stapler. It says it’s antimicrobial.


Who has a need for an antimicrobial stapler? And what does that mean? Is my little bottle of antibacterial lotion not enough?

So. Many. Questions.

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