7 Quickety Quicks! microwave edition

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I have so so much to do I’m going to whine and vent  a little here. I honestly can’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve felt pulled in so many directions. This is usually not good for me (ok, it’s probably not good for anybody) and if I let it go unchecked I’ll either check-out or freak-out, and neither will be productive. I’m going to take a little retreat today — scoot down to the monastery or the chapel for a little quiet time. How do you deal with this #firstworld problem?


I’m going to the CNMC this year in Dallas/Fort Worth! Are you going? Sign up! Quick! Registration is closing today so we can process all the new attendees. If you’re sitting on the fence, jump off and register! I promise you’ll have a great time. And no worries, we will take walk-up registrations on-site.


Had a nice little visit with Inge who popped in this week on her way to Dallas for the CNMC.


Enrollment has been a little out of control in a good way. Lots of students have been coming in because of some statewide changes that have impacted the kind of services they can receive at the universities. Overall, I think it’s a good thing for students needing learning support to go to a smaller institution, and it’s certainly a good thing for us, but man has this been a busy week. Nothing like speed-advising to make the day zoom by.


Last week I posted a link to Brandon Vogt’s website for information about Support a Catholic Speaker Month 2012.  Voting closed yesterday and if you go over there now you’ll see that he has updated the site with the Top 100. You’ll see our delightful host for Quick Takes, Jennifer Fulwiler, on that list! Check it out and sign up to feature one of those speakers on your blog. It’ll help spread the word about all the good news people like you and me are spreading about the Good News.


So my blood pressure has been a little out of whack for a few weeks. It has a lot to do with #1 and #4 above, and then there’s this:



and this:

So now I’m doing this:

and this:


I know there’s a lot of madness going on at this time of year. Many of you are either going back to school or sending your kids back to school. I know a whole bunch of you are actively involved in catechesis in your parishes. Every one of us, though, is certainly facing whatever challenges life throws our way. It’s a lot easier when we have one another for support, and even better when we know to whom we can always turn.

One thought on “7 Quickety Quicks! microwave edition

  1. Good luck busy BEE, have fun, watch the calories and the heart, BP, and keep cool , my love enjoy leonie. OH! I Love the Rosaries.

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