7 Quick Takes living color!

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Had my Sunday morning coffee interrupted by this little ole hawk hanging around our yard. Color me surprised.


Last Saturday, September 8, commemorated the 400th anniversary of the Blessed Mother’s appearance to some young men off the coast of Cuba. I write about this story of Our Lady of Charity and why it’s meaningful to me at Patheos. And then, another personal story related to it, here. I guess I’m just a writing machine this week 🙂



I got up early today, hopeful that I would have this post done before 9:00 AM, a kind of snapshot of my morning.



But I’m old (see the bran?)




And got distracted, I mean, inspired (see the journal? I got an idea for a scene in a story I’m working on)




So I went for a long walk to clear my mind.



And ended up here. That’s always a good thing.

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