today’s stupid brought to you by Sesame Street?


I’m probably a little late to this dance, but I just heard that a teacher is suing her school system because she’s afraid of the children.

Let that sink in for a minute….

Here’s the New York Times article, but I’ll give you a little blurb:

A former teacher is suing the Cincinnati school district, saying she was discriminated against because of her rare phobia: a fear of young children.

You know what? I’m afraid of heights. One of my kids is afraid of spiders. I don’t work as a window washer. My kid isn’t an exterminator. Know what I mean?

Who becomes a teacher with a fear of children? C’mon! Enough already. Grow up and admit you don’t like middle schoolers (and really, who does when they are in a pack?). Own up to the fact that at age 60, you don’t want to deal with thirteen year olds after a comfortable career with older kids, and you wish to retire because you don’t want to do your job anymore. Nobody is going to judge. Much.

Meanwhile, can I get workman’s comp for excessive exposure to comma splices and pronoun antecedent agreement errors?

2 thoughts on “today’s stupid brought to you by Sesame Street?

  1. I hope she gets fined for a frivolous lawsuit.
    When I was teaching in a middle school, one of my colleagues told me that she had resisted when asked to teach 5th-graders. “Are they old enough to go to the bathroom by themselves?” (She wound up teaching 5th-graders anyway and really enjoyed it.)
    She has a job; she has to teach the grade level assigned to her. If she’s had enough, then it’s time to move on.

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