what I learned today

This morning at Mass I saw the most precious thing…and it has served me as a sweet reminder that ” it is to such as these that the kingdom of God belongs” (Mark 10:14).

During the collection, small children are called to take their offering up to a special basket in front of the altar. I expect there are all kinds of sweet things dropped into that basket — from toys, to slips of paper with handwritten good deeds, to some actual tithing of gifts and allowances.

I remember when my own children would use their special envelopes when they were very little (and later, the fruit of this lesson when I would quietly notice that they gave from their babysitting money or odd jobs).

I was distractedly making a mess of the offertory hymn when I noticed two little sisters coming back from their mission to the altar. They were clearly very pleased with whatever they’d dropped in the children’s offering, when suddenly the big sister turned to the little sister and gave her a happy bear hug before returning to their seats. She was so full of love in that moment that it had to spill out!

I should give that joyfully.

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