hoppy bears day tu mi

So here I am at the end of the day, my birthday. The big Five-Oh.


I’ve settled into an “I Love Lucy” marathon, taken a bunch of wonderful calls, and made a cup of tea.

I feel like I should be ruminating on some profound lessons learned, or impart some wisdom about midlife, bla bla bla.

Not feeling it.

This is how I feel:

69821_10151543316670953_1805901787_nIt’s actually pretty good. A Good time. A wonderful blessing to be loved by so many people, and spoiled by those dear to me. I’ll take it.



3 thoughts on “hoppy bears day tu mi

  1. That Old!
    well a big hug darl and kiss from me my young friend ,10 yrs apart we are and you haven’t changed, lookin good. love from the family in australia

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