letter_r_erteI love rain.

I love soft rain. Rain that falls in big fat drops. Rain that falls sideways. Rain that mists instead of drips. Rain that feels so warm it’s like a shower. Rain that’s cold and chills me to the bone.

I love the sound of rain on the roof, the tinny sound on the awnings, the splatters in the mud, the drip off the eaves.

I love rain that washes away the powdery pollen. Rain that fills the ponds and showers the plants.

Rain that cleanses.




8 thoughts on “Rain

  1. When I was little we had a tin roof. There is nothing like lying in bed and listening to the rain fall on a tin roof.

  2. I love the rain too. I grew up in Vancouver and you just get used to it. In fact, I miss the rain a lot of the time since I’m no longer in the rainy city.

    Have fun with a-z.

  3. I love swimming in the rain too, although they keep saying it’s not a good idea when you live in Florida. I don’t know which one of them got struck by lightning, or why lightning should be more attracted to a pool than the very tall house right next to it, or if they should start building rubber pool lining… I lost my train of thought. Regardless, I love the rain too!

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