sunshine, finally, and then it was gone

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It’s been a soggy week in many ways. I love the rain, and nothing is more exciting than a great lightning display. Better, even, than the fireworks shows that were going on across the country this week. Except here, of course, because it hasn’t stopped raining, and it shows little sign of a break.

Too much of a good thing is too much! I miss the sun!

There have been little pockets of sunshine here and there, kind of like a reminder that even though things are looking pretty dark and dismal, there’s a strong light burning bright behind the clouds. I took advantage of one of those moments earlier. The sun came out so brilliantly that I just stood on the porch soaking in it’s warmth.

And just as I was warming up, it started raining again.

It’s not getting me down, though. I know this will pass and soon, very soon, we’ll be back to the burning summer days around here. I’ll need to remind myself of how much I missed it when I’m given to complaining about the oppressive heat or the unrelenting sun.

In the meantime, I hold on to my memory of the sun’s rays on my face.

I’ve sometimes felt like my faith mimics some weather patterns. Sometimes an emotional or physical assault comes up out of nowhere, and like a thunderstorm, shakes me to my core, leaving me feeling broken. Other times, I’ve felt a slow drain, like the continuous rain this week, dripping on me in a constant steady way that depletes me and leaves me feeling melancholy and heavy- hearted.

In either case, it’s hope that I cling to, whether it’s the sunshine that I seek in my garden, or in more tangible ways, a visit to the Adoration chapel for some real Sonshine.

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