things that make me all smiley and stuff


I’m over at today! That Lisa Hendey is the sweetest thing. Ever.

I’m grateful for her friendship, and her encouragement to post the random piece over there, so be nice and take your traffic over there — and don’t forget to check out the other contributors.

But first, won’t you read my little reflection on pretty flowers, sweet husbands, hope, and stuff?

My husband woke me up tenderly, excitement in his voice even though he was trying to be gentle and soft-spoken in the very early morning before leaving for work. He whispered that I should look along the fence for the gladiolas he had planted too late in the season. We thought they’d never bloom, but hadn’t quite given up hope that they would someday flower.

This morning, two beautiful blooms greeted him when he let out the dog. He was so pleased that he had to wake me to share. [read the rest here]

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