7 Quick Takes Friday: A Return to Normal

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And by normal, I mean chaos. Classes begin tomorrow. I’m still tweaking an online class that goes live at midnight. It’s pretty much been hell week with advisement and registration, and such a spike in enrollment that we were hiring — and thus I was training — new adjuncts right up until I left yesterday. Monday is gonna be fun.


I thought I’d throw this in here because it makes me happy. That is all.



This week I learned a little something about myself, sort of. There was another resurgence of introvert/extrovert themes running around Facebook. I dismiss them all, mostly. I don’t fit neatly into either category so I just think it’s a bunch of bunk. Either I’m a highly social introvert, or an extrovert with sociopathic tendencies because I hate people. Well, I don’t really hate people — I can manage hundreds of them, actually, although I prefer to deal with folks one at a time.

I think that makes me an ambivert. Because I need more wishy-washiness in my life 🙂


I tried my hand at some gardening this summer. By that I mean my husband haphazardly planted all kinds of things in random places. To date, I killed a raspberry bush, exploded roses all over the place (this is a good thing) and am sorely disappointed in a rainy summer so intense that all my melons, watermelons and cantaloups, have exploded, split, or rotted. We’ve been in a drought for so many years I dare not complain too loudly, but we haven’t had any summer at all, except in very brief little snatches of sun.

photo-1 copy


I’m doing yet another round of de-cluttering. I really feel like a fail in this endeavor, and yet, I’ve seen some real progress over time. I dare not stop.


Went shopping at Target. Didn’t buy what I wanted. Left with greeting cards. I love greeting cards. I love buying them. I love sending them. I love getting them. Ha. 


After a week of every kind of noisy noise, I rested here a while. Soothing. And a pretty view.



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