7 Quick Takes Friday: Quickly

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Classes started this week. I’m exhausted.


Thus, this.



I’m restarting The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan. Because I thought The Lord of the Rings was too long, so the concept of like 13 books, and another dozen or so prequels isn’t daunting at all.

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 7.52.59 AM


I have discovered a love of chicken and dumplings. I’m sure I was exposed to this delectable food when I was a kid, and just thought it looked like cat vomit or something and rejected it for the next 40-something years.

Oh, how I wish I had come up with a better comparison….


I am making an effort to drink more water. I’m mostly successful, thanks to a fancy schmancy grown-up sippy cup.

Screen Shot 2013-08-30 at 8.04.57 AM


Took my lunch to work all week and congratulated myself for being a good girl. Celebrated with a Snickers candy bar.


I’ve decided to dust off my 35 mm camera and go back to taking fun pictures. It’s a shame to let all those lenses and filters and cool gadgets sit in a bag, unused. I wonder if I can remember how to load film?

5 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday: Quickly

  1. Hey! I have one of those fancy sippy cups too! I considered it my first line of defense against the unknown water supply in Papua New Guinea. Now it’s for removing that ucky chlorine taste. I have to admit, some days I’d like to return to the simplistic life when sippy cups ruled.

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