Write On!


My favorite deep purple over-stuffed chair beckoned me. The pizza guy just delivered my favorite pizza…extra cheese, onions, and garlic. Mmmmmmm. Who has two thumbs and ain’t afraid of no garlic?

Me!  And my high school BFF, Martha, who happens to be doing some really cool things with literacy. Apparently, she also really likes french fries.

Read her blog, A Reel Cool Summer, buy her books, and follow her writing prompts to get your kiddoes writing!

I’m a good girl, and followed her prompt for Week 13 although I think there’s a typo there. It’s to age 50, right?

Thru age 5:  Mom or Dad can help you write down your favorite animal, color, and food.  And the name of a person you love and your favorite book.  My purple guinea pig reads The Cat in the Hat while Bego and I eat pizza!  What’s your silly story, little one?  PARENTS:  Just because very young children can’t actually write down their stories, doesn’t mean they can’t make them up.  Have your child dictate a story to you.  Write it out or type it on your computer and have him or her draw some illustrations for it.  That’s a fun activity for both of you!


2 thoughts on “Write On!

  1. I knew you couldn’t resist! It’s perfect. So glad you included that awesome picture of us at McDonald’s. What’s that, senior year at Coral Park? Yikes! I guess 50 is the new 5! Love you!

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