Catholic New Media Conference 2013 Recap: Boston, redux!

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I always love the days that follow the CNMC, the Catholic New Media Celebration turned Conference now in its 7th event in six years!

Seven Six years! [edited: evidently I can’t count]

Impossible, and yet, here it is, or was. In other words, it’s over. Or a different way of looking at it, it’s beginning. You see, the CNMC has never been an end in itself but a springboard…to ideas…collaborations…relationships!

These first days home, as we unpack our bags are also an opportunity to unpack our feelings and thoughts about our experience. Social media is filled with reminiscences and jokes, lots of pictures, and banter with new friends.

I had an opportunity to present on blogging and engagement, and over the next few days will be posting my own response. But I thought it would be appropriate to provide a space to share those blog posts with the nice peeps who attended my session and said they’d stop by here.  So! Welcome! I invite you to share your blogs in the comments, and I’ll update the main entry. Maybe we’ll be able to gather a nice little collection 🙂

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